Tournament Drivers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a driver for the 2019 Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic

This is not a volunteer position, so to be considered to be hired, you must meet ALL the below requirements. 
Our operations are July 24-August 4, 2019.    

Requirements to be come a driver for the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic: 

  1. You must be between the ages of 25-65 yrs 

  2. Have a clean driving record (the tournament insurance company does a DMV background check)

  3. Be comfortable driving people around in a tournament vehicle (Porsche SUVs and large SUV's or minivans) around the local area, picking up and dropping off at SFO and SJC airports

  4. Must be familiar with downtown San Jose and the San Jose State surrounding area without driving with the use of GPS, or Google maps on your phone (this is for safety purposes. As driving using GPS/Google maps is distracting). You will be given the addresses of the hotels prior to Orientation, so it's mandatory that you know how to get to and from (from the site, airports, etc) them prior to your first shift. 

  5. MUST attend Mandatory Driver Orientation on July 21st (time and location TBD, but will be at San Jose State at the Mubadala Tennis Stadium site area) 

  6. Must have a cell phone (we need this to communicate with you during your shifts) 

  7. Must be able to work FOUR, 4 hour shifts during the tournament. Transportation operations are July 24-August 4th. Shifts are 7:15am-11:30am, 11:30am-3:30pm, 3:30pm-7:30pm, 7:30pm-11:30pm (or when matches finish).

  8. This is a paid position, so must be eligible to work here in California. A background check will be done by the payroll and insurance company.  Maximum number of hours you can work per day is 8 hours (2 shifts), and maximum hours per week is 40 (work week is Sunday-Saturday)

As a tournament driver you will receive the following:

  1. A tournament uniform

  2. Parking pass for when you are working 

  3. Tickets to the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic (you will earn 1 ticket per shift you work)

If you meet ALL the above requirements and are interested in becoming a tournament driver, please contact Marla Ono, Transportation Manager at